An Insightful Analysis On Prudent Face Cream Solutions

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The examination breaks down surface-level flaws such as complexion, sun damage, pores, and wrinklesthen recommends products and routines to fix every flaw. The Basic model (left) and the Plus model (right), which includes different environmental settings so bad lighting can never falsify how you look ever again. (Photo courtesy of HiMirror) The Plus model, which costs $259, features LED makeup lighting for five different environmental settings: sunset view, sunny outdoors, bright office, shopping mall or supermarket, and restaurant or party venue. The upgrade also includes increased memory to record and track your skin analysis results over aperiod of time. The HiSkin device allows you to examine your skin at a deeper level. (Photo courtesy of HiMirror) HiSkin, a hand-held device that connects to the HiMirror, brings the analysis to a deeper level. With a single click, the $50 gadget evaluates the skins cuticle moisture, subcutaneous pigmentation, dark circles, acne scars, and environmental factors. The HiSkin pod is portable, but it also connects to a mobile app to give you analysis and advice on the go. (Photo courtesy of HiMirror) With the addition of HiMirror Plus and HiSkin, users can now have access to information often reserved for (expensive) dermatologist visits and proactively ward off visible signs of aging, Simon Shen, CEO of HiMirror and its parent company, said in a press release.

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